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Duality Examples

Duality is a free and open-source component based 2D game  engine written entirely in C#. It comes with a visual level editor and allow us to publish games for Windows with modding support out of the box thanks to the modular design of the engine. Visit the home page

Requirements to use the examples:

  • basic knowledge of Duality
  • Duality Editor with all plugins included, you can just run the Duality Editor included and don't need to separately download and install Duality
  • some experience with C# and OOP required if you would like to edit the components, however, every component can be attached to any object and use it without any coding required
  • Visual Studio (tested with VS2017) to open, edit and compile the components
  • graphics card with OpenGL support

NOTE: Images, sounds and font is included for demonstration purposes only, no commercial use allowed. You are free to use the actual source code for any purposes you wish.

Have fun!


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Duality_move-object-with-gamepad.zip 35 MB
Duality_move-object-with-keyboard.zip 35 MB
Duality_change-object-position-with-mouse.zip 35 MB
Duality_rotate-object-with-input.zip 35 MB
Duality_rotate-object-toward-position.zip 35 MB
Duality_move-object-toward-angle.zip 35 MB
Duality_move-camera-to-object.zip 39 MB
Duality_move-object-to-another.zip 39 MB
Duality_rotate-object-toward-mouseclick.zip 35 MB
Duality_move-object-to-mouseclick.zip 35 MB
Duality_delete-object-on-collision.zip 35 MB
Duality_create-physics-object-with-mouseclick.zip 35 MB
Duality_CatchTheBall.zip 36 MB