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This is our public forum at gametemplates.itch.io where you can ask any  questions, post request and feedback and report any errors  you may have.

You can post any topic here to:

  • request an example or template you need
  • request a feature you would like us to add to a template or example
  • report any bugs or errors you may have with our examples and templates
  • provide feedback for the work we do
  • ask any questions you may have

In case you are making a request for any example or template please also mention what engine you are using, what platforms would you like to target (what input: keyboard, touch, mouse) and describe the gameplay using as much detail as you can.  Only mentioning other games and say that you want "something like that" is not sufficient, considering not everyone has played the game or has time to play it just to find out what is it that you looking for exactly.

We also recommend to read our FAQ before posting.