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Godot C# Examples

Godot is a free and open-source game development tool that we can use to make 2D and 3D games for desktop, mobile, HTML5 and even game consoled using an Object Oriented approach. Godot support multiple scripting methods, the examples on this page are scripted in C# and require the Mono version of Godot. Visit the home page.

Requirements to use the examples:

  • Godot Mono version (3.1 recommended)
  • Basic knowledge how Godot projects are structured (nodes, scenes)
  • Mono SDK Link (version 5.18.0 recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of C# and OOP
  • OpenGL ES2 compatible graphics

NOTE: Images, Sounds, Fonts are included for demonstration purposes only, no commercial use allowed. The actual source code and project file is free to use for any purposes you wish.

Have fun!

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Tags2D, example, Game engine, Godot, source-code, sqlite, Project template


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Godot3_create-sprite-with-mouseclick.zip 1 MB
Godot3_move-sprite-with-keyboard.zip 1 MB
Godot3_rotate-sprite-with-keyboard.zip 1 MB
Godot3_delete-sprite-with-mouseclick.zip 1 MB
Godot3_change-sprite-scale-with-keyboard.zip 1 MB
Godot3_move-sprite-to-mouseclick.zip 1 MB
Godot3_move-sprite-toward-angle.zip 1 MB
Godot3_delete-sprite-on-collision.zip 1 MB
Godot3_text-input-field.zip 1 MB
Godot3_change-sprite-animation.zip 1 MB
Godot3_rotate-sprite-with-tween.zip 1 MB
Godot3_read-and-write-file.zip 1 MB
Godot3_pathfinding-with-navigation2d.zip 1 MB
Godot3_CatchTheBall.zip 1 MB
Godot3_KeyboardPractice.zip 1 MB
Godot3_Asteroids.zip 2 MB
Godot3_infinite-scrolling-background.zip 1 MB
Godot3_read-and-write-SQLite-database.zip 996 kB